If you have any queries about payments Mary Constable is available on


To make a payment with Paypal- the email is the same

Membership payments

Single  £8-50 inc. Fee for PayPal

Joint £10-50 inc.Fee for PayPal

Overseas £14-50 inc. Fee for PayPal

Payment by other methods than Paypal is without the 50p.

£8 Single  £10 Joint  £14 overseas.


The cost for year book payments is £30 per page

If you wish to pay via paypal the club has to add a small administration charge of 50p for every £10.00 spent or part there for every transaction.  

£1 to £10– 50p,    £10.01 to £20– £1.00,   £20.01 to £30–£1.50,   £30.0 to £40–£2