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From: Caroline Hallett <>
Sent: Friday, January 24, 2020 1:32:06 PM
To: <>; ‘Gillian and Stephen Smith’ <>; ‘Raoul Smith’ <>
Subject: King Charles Spaniel Breed Standard

Dear Secretary

We are now processing the amendment to the tail clause of the King Charles Spaniel Breed Standard. This will become effective from 1 February 2020 when the KC website will be updated and an announcement will be made in the February 2020 edition of the Kennel Club Journal.

Yours sincerely
Caroline Hallett

Caroline Hallett

Head of Club Procedures and Breed Welfare

The Kennel Club

Clarges St

London W1J 8AB


Dear Mrs G A J Smith,

RE: Breed Watch – King Charles Spaniel

Following the Dog Health Group’s Breed Standards & Conformation sub-group meeting, I have been requested to contact you on behalf of the sub-group with regard to Breed Watch.

Following discussion of visible health and welfare concerns in a number of breeds,

the sub-group concluded, following approval of the Dog Health Group and the Board, that “irregular hind movement” and “prominent eyes” should be monitored and therefore should be added to Breed Watch as points of concern for the breed.

Breed Watch is an early warning system intended for judges to note any visible points of concern which they should take into consideration and penalise when judging the breed. Judges are asked to complete the judge’s health monitoring form following appointments at championship shows. This is to prevent introduction of health and welfare concerns that are detrimental to a dog’s wellbeing and to maintain high standards of health in the show ring. The form can be accessed online below;

Exhibitors should also take the time to become familiar with the points of concern that can affect their breed, as they too have an important role to play in ensuring that dogs are free from health concerns and exaggeration.

As Breed Watch serves as a “roll-on, roll-off” system, after a period of 12 months should no reports of these concerns be made by judges when completing the mandatory health monitoring form given above, then the point(s) will be reviewed and potentially removed. All points of concern are assessed quarterly and breed health co-ordinators will receive an annual summary to share with their breed, this is to continually review points of concerns reported by Judges.

More information on Breed Watch and the Judges Health Monitoring process can be found at

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,

Charlotte McNamara

Health and Welfare Development Manager

Canine Health and Welfare

The Kennel Club



It is intended to hold the Annual General Meeting for 2020 at Grenoside Community Centre, Main Street, Grenoside Sheffield on Sunday 22nd March 2020, at 10.30 a.m.   Renewal subscriptions are due on the 1st January 2019 and should be sent to either the Hon. Treasurer or Hon. Secretary.     Membership subscriptions are as follows:   Single – £8.00 Joint – £10.00   Overseas – £14.00

No business shall be conducted at the A.G.M. unless notice thereof appears on the agenda or at the discretion of the Acting Chairman.   The Hon. Secretary must receive items for inclusion on the Agenda in writing no later than Saturday, 8th February 2020, otherwise they will not be accepted.

Nominations are invited for committee members who must have been a fully paid up member of the Club for at least two years.

The Hon. Secretary must receive written nominations for Officers and Committee no later than Saturday, 8th February 2020. Nominations must be proposed and seconded in writing and be accompanied by a letter from the nominee stating that he/she would be willing to serve if elected.   All nominees must have been a member of the Club for at least two years.   Voting papers will only be sent to fully paid up members as at the 1st February 2020.

The following committee members are due for re-election by rotation but are willing to stand for a further period. In addition, there are also three further vacancies for committee for which an interest has been expressed.   The position of treasurer is also vacant.   Mrs Mary Constable has been acting treasurer since April of this year and is willing to stand for this position.


Officers           –     John Goodwin (Clerk of the Trophies)                  

Committee     –   Tracy Jackson and Trish Potter                                              


Gillian Smith

Hon. Secretary