Coventry & District Kennel Association – Judge Sarah Maddison

King Charles Spaniel

Puppy D or B

1, Mr T & Mrs C Hardiman Tovarich Ticket to Ride

Nicely marked 6month puppy nice head and size good dome , dark eye

2, Mrs C Bowles- Robinson My Exotic World Demands Baldragon

well marked 11 month puppy bitch , nice dome dark eyes correct head shape and size


Junior D or B

1, Mrs H Abbot Cofton Reach For The Stars

a nearly 1 year old lightly marked bitch, nice head with a dark eye and good dome

2, Mr S & Mrs G Smith Tudorhurst Warrior for Justacharma,

Nicely marked Blenheim dog he was unsettled  today and would not walk or show as well as he can


Post Graduate Dog or Bitch

1, Mr R & Mrs E Rushton Justacharma She Is So Magic At Tiflin

Nicely marked Blenheim nice size compact shape good skull with lozenge nice dark eye RBOB

2, Mr S & Mrs G Smith Justacharma One So Magic

Tricolour with a good dome heavily marked, tail kept on wagging


Open Dog

1, Mrs J Wallhead Sleepyhollow Trikki Dikki At Merida

Nicely marked tricolour dog with a good dome, dark eyes, nice shape & size. Still looking  good for a veteran BOB

2, Mr S & Mrs G Smith Justacharma Magic Is Here

nicely domed,with well set eye placement evenly marked


Open Bitch

1, Mrs C Bowles – Robinson Baldragon Hold That Thought

A lightly marked Blenheim bitch, nice Scull with lozenge, a nice size, good mover

2, Mrs J Wallhead Baldragon Becuz I’m Worth It To Merida

Tricolour bitch marked, nice scull with a dark eye and a narrow blaze, good movement