: Isle of Ely Show

King Charles Spaniel


Puppy (1)

1- Mitapip Black Is Magic For Justacharma – Smith, Mr S C & Mrs G A J

Black&Tan male with a fab head and expression with large dark eyes well set ears.

Good length to neck and muscle ,good width to chest and depth nice Coby shape moved well with plenty fun of energy.BP


Post Graduate (3,3)

1- Justacharma Magic Hire – Smith, Mr S C & Mrs G A J

Tri-colour with lovely head shape fab expression with large dark eyes well set ears. Well muscled neck leading to well laid shoulders nice width and depth to chest with good spring of rib well set on tail, and good rear drive moved with ease well presented.

2- Chocolate Moonlight At Headra – Kenndal, Askins & Wileman Mrs M E , Mrs I M & Miss R

Black&Tan full of energy well shape head lovely dark eyes well furnished ears . Well muscled neck good lay of shoulders and width and depth to chest good spring of rib. Slightly longer in body toy first place , fabulous rear full of drive moved with ease and presented well.

3- Justacharma One So Magic – Smith, Mr S C & Mrs G A J


Open (4,3)

1- CH Cotton Winter Time Tale at Headra JW – Askins & Kendall, Mrs I M & Mrs M E

Blem in fabulous condition lovely shape in profile and on the move . Lovely shape to head with great expression and large dark eyes well set ears good strong jaw . Good length to neck well muscled and good lay of shoulder , good depth and width to chest well sprung good level topline well set tail lovely Coby shape , good rear angulation and rear drive well presented in fab condition.BOB

2- CH Headra’s Trully Magic Is Justacharma – Smith, Mr S C & Mrs G A J

Tri- colour in fabulous condition lovely shape to head with great expression and dark large eyes well furnished ears used well . Good muscle to neck and length , nice depth and width to chest with good spring of rib. Level topline well set tail good rear drive moved with ease in fabulous condition and presented very well .

3- Toyswood Counting Stars – Potter, Mrs T

Coventry and District



Thank you to the Northern King Charles Spaniel Club and Lesley House for sponsoring.


Puppy (5)


1st.       Smith’s Justacharma Magic Goes On.  Best Puppy In Breed and Toy Puppy Group 4.  6 mths, dog with classic head dome, large adorable dark wide set eyes, bite is correctly slightly undershot with clean dentition, muzzle is wide, good lay back of shoulder with elbow close to rib, has a short level topline which he retains on the move, a delight with a bold character who moved around the ring as if he owned it.  Sound each way, devoted to his handler.


2nd.      Rushton’s Justacharma Only The Magic for Tiflin. 6 mths, tri colour,  sweet headed dark eyes gorgeous expression, liked everything about her she has lots of qualities.  Movement is sound each way, pushed 1 hard.


3rd.       Boyer’s Ellinghurst Kiki Dee.



Junior (3) (1 abs)


1st.       Smith’s Mitapip Black Is Magic for Justacharma. lively 8 mths black/tan dog, full of himself, slightly undershot bite, shapely outline, well balanced, liked his dome head and mischevious large dark eyes, nose has open nostrils, muzzle square, good lay back of shoulder, short straight topline which he retains on the move.  Liked his feet and tail, he pushed hard in challenge.


2nd.      Boyer’s Ellinghurst Miss Saigon.  9 mths sweet tri girl, nice shape, breedy skull and square turned up muzzle very appealing foreface, she galloped on the move but was good when settled.



Post Graduate (3) (2 abs)


1st.       Abbott’s Cofton Reach For the Stars.  23 mths sweet faced tri bitch, shapely head dome, has proud head carriage and alert femme endearing expression in her large dark eyes, ears are low set and long, in good condition with short strong level back and well let down hocks.  Lovely feathered feet, a good mover each way.



Open Dog (4)


1st.       Smith’s Justacharma Magic Is Here.  Reserve Best of Breed. 4 yrs quality tri sound throughout, dome head, dark confident expressive eye, square muzzle which has desired turn up, slightly undershot broad jaw, shoulders well laid back, body in great condition with level topline which he retains on the move, short coupled with good spring of rib, compact feet are cat shaped and well feathered, tail is well set on, lots to like here and he pushed hard in the challenge.


2nd.      Rushton’s Justacharma He Is So Magic at Tiflin. 3 yrs Blenheim flashy boy liked his dark wide set masculine expressive dark eyes, dome skull, plenty of nostril with wide muzzle and correct turn up, slightly undershot jaw giving that breedy look, well balanced, needs to settle today on move, but he was good when he got going.


3rd.       Kendall, Askins & Wileman’s Chocolate Moonlight at Headra.



Open Bitch (2) (1 abs)


1st.       Rushton’s Justacharma She Is So Magic at Tiflin.  Best of Breed and Toy Group 1.  What a vision, a beautiful girl, medium size, 3 yrs flashy Blenheim, femme head with dome, large dark wide set eye, ears are low set long and well feathered, muzzle is wide blunt and has shapely tuck up when viewed from side, neck has elegant arch helping her proud carriage, shoulders are well laid back and she has short straight moderately boned front legs, wide in chest with a short back and firm level topline which she retains on the move, tail is well set on, well muscled hind with well let down hocks, compact well feathered cat feet, movement is superb each way.  Although stood alone she is of good quality.  Delighted to find her today.



Boston & District Canine Society 7th January 2019

King Charles Spaniel

Judge Elaine McInally (Braemarra)


Puppy Dog (3,1abs)

1st Smith’s Mitapip Black is Magic for Justacharma

Endearing 7month old Black and Tan puppy with such a gentle expression, dense pigment, large dark eye, well cushioned muzzle, moderate dome, well set ears and correct bite. Ample reach of neck, well laid shoulders, maintained lovely topline at all times. Moved well with good angulations front and rear. Super temperament. Best Puppy


2nd Clarke’s Stonepit Wilfred for Poltomic

Pleasing Tricolour with moderate dome, good pigment, well defined stop, square muzzle, correct bite and well cushioned. Moderate neck, short level back and moved well. Needs some time to mature, one to watch.


Junior Dog (1,0)

1st Kendall, Askins & Wileman’s Headra’s Mad Hatter.

A 14 month old Blenheim, with good dome, large eye and ample cushioning, well set ears. Moderate neck into well laid shoulders with excellent forequarters. Fabulous temperament and presentation.


Post Graduate Dog (6,2abs)

1st Kendall & Askins Chocolate Moonlight at Hendra

Pleasing 3 year old richly coloured Black and Tan, moderately domed head with large dark eyes, ample cushioning and well set ears make for a lovely expression. Short cobby shape with ample chest, level back, good bone and moved well. Shown in good coat and fabulous temperament typical of this kennel. Res Best Dog

2nd Smith’s Justacharma One So Magic

Another pleasing exhibit, Tricolour with gentle yet masculine head, large eye and well defined stop. Ample neck and good lay of shoulders. He moved well with good angulation, good depth of chest, level topline held at all times.

3rd Harvey’s Rivermoor Alberto

4th French & Traynor’s Mitapip Elusive Ruby


Open Dog (5,2abs)

1st Smith’s CH Hendra’s Truly Magic Is Justacharma.

6 year old Tricolour with pleasing masculine head, ample dome, large dark eye, well set ears, correct bite, ample cushioning and well defined stop. Moderate neck, good shoulder placement and ample depth of chest and level topline held throughout, very balanced on the move. A well presented dog and a delightful temperament. A very deserving Champion Best Dog

2nd French & Traynor’s Celxo Vermouth On Ice.

A Blenheim dog with pleasing expression, large eye, square muzzle and ample cushioning. Good shoulder placement and level topline, moved well with pleasing angulation, shown in lovely condition.

3rd Clarke’s Stonepit Super Sydney for Poltomic


Puppy Bitch (5,3abs)

1st Potter’s Toyswood Starlight Express.

11 month old pretty feminine head with moderate done, large eye, ample cushioning and well defined stop. Super reach of neck and well laid shoulders and moved well maintain level topline throughout. Good angulation moved with plenty of drive.

2nd Constable’s Mitapip Sunrise Surprise.

Another Pretty feminine head with endearing expression, dense pigment and good eye, moderate neck and level topline on profile. Richly coloured Black and Tan. Just a baby at 6 months old, one to watch.


Junior Bitch (2,1abs)

1st Potter’s Toyswood Starlight Express (as puppy)


Post Graduate Bitch (2,0)

1st Constable’s Mitapip Kallathea

A 2 year old ruby – rich chestnut red in colour with soft, gentle expression and moderate dome, ample cushioning, well defined stop and dense pigment. Short cobby body with good bone, moved well and maintaining level top line throughout.

2nd Abbott’s Cofton Reach For The Stars

Gentle, happy tricolour with pretty expression, large eye, square muzzle with correct bite and well set ears. Moved well throughout the class with good angulation and level topline.


Open Bitch (4,1abs)

1st Lindley’s – Justacharma Magic Is For You at Meglind.

This Tri girl is just full of breed type, well domed, full over eyes. Dense pigment with large eye, well defined stop, square muzzle, well cushioned, correctly set ears and good bite all create a very pleasing expression. Moderate neck, with good head carriage, well laid shoulders, deep chest and good spring of rib with moderate bone. Level topline held at all times, moved with plenty of drive from the rear with good turn of stifle. Showed well throughout delighted to award Best Bitch and Best of Breed.


2nd Constable’s Mitapip Trudy Doo Dee.

Pretty headed, rich glossy coloured Black and Tan with the most endearing expression, ample dome and large eye, well defined stop, square muzzle with plenty of cushioning, correct bite and well set ears. Short cobby body, with ample depth of chest, just slightly preferred the gait and drive of 1 on the day. Res Best Bitch


3rd Harvey’s Rivermoor Lady Martha JW


Special Beginners Bitch (1,0)

1st Abbott’s Cofton Reach For The Stars (as post graduate bitch)


South Western Toy Dog Club

Thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at this show, my thanks to my steward who kept things flowing, also thanks to the exhibitor’s for giving me a small but quality entry.




1st Lankcombe Bette Davis this bitch proved a challenge for her handler today but once she got herself together I was able to assess her movement, she kept a level topline whilst moving with drive. She has a good dome with lovely dark eyes and correct ear placement, she has good spring of rib. B.P. pleased to hear she was placed 4th in the group.


2nd  Kasamanda Hamilton at Hooebarton

3rd  Cofton Dancing on My Own




1st  Cofton Stars And Moon, this boy although a smaller framed boy he has everything there he has a beautiful outline when stood and maintains a level topline while moving, he would benefit from carrying a little more weight. He has a well cushioned muzzle, dark eyes, correct ear set with a good dome.


2nd Kasamanda Miss Serendipity




1st. Cofton Fairy Tale J..W.  This bitch won due to her movement, she moved with drive around the ring maintaining a level topline, she has a cobby body, sufficient neck and good shoulder placement. She has a good spring of rib and deep chest, good pigment, dark large eyes that give her a gentle expression, well feathered ears with a very classic head. B.O.B


2nd Maynorth Shades of Heaven At Hooebarton

3rd Kasamanda Miss Sunshine



C Hardiman



Critiques from Three Counties Pekingese & Cavalier Society


King Charles Spaniel


Puppy dog/bitch:


1st : Smith’s  Mitapip Black is Magic for Justacharma


Masculine dog of correct size and proportions. Gorgeous head, beautiful eyes and expression. Well set ears correct dome. Correct jaw.  Beautiful neck and topline. Well angulated in front and rear. Very good coat for his age, excellent colours and tan markings. Moves really well with well set and well carried tail. Excellent temperament.


2nd:Hardiman’s Kasamanda Isabella


Feminine bitch with good size and proportions. Good dome, well set ears. Nice eyes and expression. Good jaw and bite. Lovely neck and topline, well set and carried tail. Enough forechest good ribcage. Well angulated in front could be a little more angulated in rear. Well broken tricolour. Moves well, excellent temperament.



Post Graduate dog/bitch:


1st  Baker’s  Dusty Blue


Feminine bitch of the right size and shape. Lovely head with good dome and well set ears. Lovely dark eyes. Nice neck and good topline. Excellent forechest and well angulated. Good spring of ribs. Well broken in great coat condition. Moves Well.


2nd  Kasamanda My Serendipity


Feminine bitch of the right size. She has a lovely head with nice dark eyes and warm expression. Well set beautiful ears and good jaw. Excellent forechest och ribcage. Good topline but a little long in loin. Well broken coat in ok condition. Moves well and excellent temperament.



Limit dog/bitch


1st Cofton’s Dancing Through Life


Feminine bitch of correct size and proportions. Beautiful feminine, very nicely shaped head with good dome. Nice eyes and expression well set ears. Good jaw. Lovely neck and good topline. Excellent forechest and spring of ribs. Well angulated but her knees should be stronger. Beautiful coat and colours. Excellent temperament.




2nd Smith’s Justacharma Magic is Here


Most masculine dog on the larger side. Nice head though his ears could be set a little lower. OK dome. Nice eyes and very masculine, warm and confident expression. Superb forechest and strong topline. Needs a little more body. Moves well.



Open dog


1st  Maynorth Shades of Heaven at Hooebarton

Masculine dog on the larger side. Good masculine head. His eyes could be a little larger and his ears set a little lower. Pigmentation could be stronger. Nice neck and topline, a little long in loin. Excellent body and bone. Well angulated. Moves well. Good coat quality and beautiful ruby colour. Excellent temperament.



Open bitch


1st Kendal and Askin’s Ch Cotton Wintertime Tale at Heart’s


Beautiful feminine bitch of the correct size and proportions. The most beautiful head with beautiful dark eyes and warm expression. Beautifully set ears, nice dome and good jaw. Excellent neck and topline. Excellent angulation in front and rear. Good forechest and ribcage. Excellent coat quality. A superb mover and shown to perfection.


2nd Austin’s Baldragon Maybe Baby


7 year old feminine bitch in excellent condition for her age. Good size and proportions. Very nice head and good dome. Her eyes could be slightly larger. Well set ears . Nice neck and excellent topline. Good bone and body. Well set and carried tail. Well broken in good coat condition. Moves like and happy youngster. Excellent temperament.


Veteran dog/bitch


1st   Smth’s Ch Headra’s Truly Magic is Justacharma


Very masculine dog on the larger side in excellent condition. Nice masculine head with nice eyes and expression. Well set ears. Strong good jaw. Nice neck, strong topline, slightly long in loin. Excellent bone and body. Excellent coat quality. Mover very well and carries himself with pride. Excellent temperament and shown beautifully.


2nd Hardiman’s Othmese  Tifany Tavarich


Feminine bitch in excellent condition. Nice size and good proportions. Lovely head good dome. Nice eyes and expression. Pigmentation could be stronger. Nice eyes and warm expression. Good neck and strong topline. Good bone and body. Moves like a youngster. The coat is of axcellent quality but not in great condition today. Fantastic temperament.




Litchfield Canine Society

Open Show 26th January 2019


King Charles Spaniels:

I am grateful to the officers and committee for the opportunity to judge at this open show. I would also like to express my gratitude to the efficient and supportive ring stewards. The sensitive handling shown by all the exhibitors is worthy of note as the noise levels in the hall at this popular show were high at times.


Puppy (3,1): Two puppies that will and have changed places. 1. Mochrie’s Gino Dvou Orecho Downsbank. A nine month old ruby dog with good pigment and coat colour. Correctly shaped head and it is nice to see no white showing in the eyes. He has a deep ribcage, correct shoulder placement and a level topline. He moved steadily around the ring. BP.   2. Smith’s Mittatip Black Is Magic for Justacharma. A seven month black and tan dog with deep tan and already has ear furnishings. He has a pleasing head and a well-balanced body shape at this young age, including a level topline. Today he was slightly unsettled, noticeably in rear movement.

Junior (no entries)

Postgraduate (2): The class comprised a litter brother and sister. 1. Smith’s Justacharma One So Magic. A three year old tri-colour dog, fairly heavily marked. He has good bone, as did all exhibits from this kennel today. His mature, correctly-domed skull, large eyes and correct ear carriage gives him a classic head.  His cobby body, good depth of chest, correct shoulder placement and level topline ensure he has all the features required to be a good example of the breed. His steady movement in both directions around the ring was the deciding factor in the placing today. BOB and shortlisted in a large Toy Group 2. Rushton’s Justacharma She Is So Magic At Tiflin. A Blenheim bitch with well-broken markings and the desired spot on the correctly-shaped dome. She has a cobby body and well-developed ribcage. Her topline is level and she has the correct turn of stifle. A delightful temperament but she was unsettled in movement and today did not share the same front movement of 1.

Open (3,1): 1. Rushton’s Justacharma He Is So Magic At Tiflin. A lively three year old Blenheim dog whose coat is fairly well-broken and marvellously silky. For me he had the best front construction of the day, which showed in movement. He has a nice head and expression but in challenge for BOB he didn’t quite have the cobby quality I always look for. 2. Smith’s Justacharma Magic Is Here.  A four year old tri dog.  He is certainly cobby in outline and construction. His moved steadily but didn’t have the ‘flow’ of 1 when going around the ring. When it came to placing, I preferred the head and depth of chest of 1 but no criticism can be made of this exhibit.

Rafael Salguero (Judge)



Special Award Classes King Charles Spaniel Association Open Show 10/02/2019

Many thanks to the committee for inviting me to judge at their show and to all the exhibitors for entering under me.

Special Award Puppy Dog or Bitch

  1. Lankcombe Bette Davis 10 & ½ months tri bitch nice size quite mature for age, nice dome with large eye good cushioning. Cobby body well ribbed, very together with good movement.
  2. Mitapip Black is Magic for Justacharma 7months B/T Male baby, good head lovely soft expression nice rise of skull. Short back good rib for age needs to tighten in front but this should come with age, lovely happy outgoing temperament.


Special Award Graduate Dog or Bitch

1 Justacharma She Is So Magic At Tiflin 3 year old Blenheim Bitch with a lovely soft expression good dome, large eye. Nice shoulder placement with a cobby body good turn of stifle moved well.

2 Justacharma One So Magic 3 year old tri dog, large masculine head with good cushioning. Lovely bone, short cobby body with good topline also good on the move, just preferred the head and size of the winner.

3 Baldragon Bling it On

4 Chocolate Moonlight at Headra

5 Cofton Reach for the Stars

Special Award Open Dog or Bitch

1 Justacharma He Is So Magic At Tiflin 3 year old Blenheim male, nice masculine head with a good dome large dark eye soft expression good ear set. Nice laid back shoulder placement, deep chest good barrel rib. Really came into his own on the move with great movement striding round the ring.

2 Lankcombe Clara Bow JW 2 & ½ year old tri bitch large dark eye with good cushioning nice straight front good level topline. Nice rear angulation, moved well just needs the coat to finish her off.

3 Justacharma Magic is Here

4 Rivermoor Minstrel

Miss C Melville


King Charles Spaniel Association

Open Show

Sunday, 10th February 2019


Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge your open show. I would also like to thank everyone who came on a very wet and windy day too!! I had some lovely dogs to go over and enjoyed my day.


Veteran Dog (0)


Minor Puppy Dog (1)

1st: Mr S & Mrs G Smith’s MITAPIP BLACK IS MAGIC FOR JUSTACHARMA – Lovely cobby puppy, maturing nicely and pleasing picture. In good coat for age and well bodied. Beautiful level topline both standing and on the move. Best Dog Puppy.


Puppy Dog (1, 1 absent)


Junior Dog (1, 1)


Novice Dog (1, 1)


Post Graduate Dog (4)

1st: Mrs M Kendall, Mrs I Askins & Miss B Wileman’s CHOCOLATE MOONLIGHT AT HEADRA – Stunning overall picture with movement and active drive. Held his topline well on the move. Gorgeous domed head, large dark eyes, good cushioning and low set ears, making a lovely expression. Presented well in good coat, well bodied and muscled. Great showy character for the ring. Best Dog and Reserve Best in Show.

2nd: Miss V Harvey’s RIVERMOOR ALBERTO – Tri dog rising two years, a lovely dog with lots to like. Head is full of Charlie characteristics, nice cushioning, lovely dark eyes, good dome and low set ears. Slightly timid on the table and needs to body up and mature but held his topline. Just lack the drive behind of 1st. Reserve Best Dog.

3rd:  Mr R & Mrs E Rushton’s JUSTACHARMA MAGIC IS HERE



Limit Dog (3)

1st: Mr S & Mrs G Smith’s JUSTACHARMA MAGIC IS HERE – 4-year-old Tri boy. His topline won the class for him today. Held himself well on the move and standing. Nice overall expression and happy disposition. In good coat and nicely bodied. Moved well

2nd: Mr A & Mrs S Tonner’s HEADRA’S INSPIRATION AT HALBINSEL – Beautiful head with plenty of cushioning but today lacked the topline and not the square cobby type of 1st.



Special Open Black &Tan/Ruby Dog (2, 1)

1st: Miss V Cox PETITPAWS BLACK PRINCE – 3-year-old Black & Tan. A richly marked dog with good feathering. Cheeky whole colour attitude pleased to be here!! A good level topline and well bodied.


Veteran Bitch (2)

These girls deserve an award all of their own!! Both 9 years of age and both still full of class and style.

1st: Mr R & Mrs C Dix’s CH PAULIAN PRUDENCE FOR BEEWYE – Just think ‘Charlie’ and this girl is it!  A beautiful sweet head and dome in proportion. Cobby body and good coat straight moving and topline to die for! Sound movement throughout. Today her head won it for me but a close decision. Best Veteran and Reserve Best Bitch.

2nd: Mr T & Mrs C Hardiman’s OTHMESE TIFFANY TOVARICH – Ruby rising five years. Oodles of character with a rich ruby colour. Slight greying around face but absolutely as sound as you’ll find! Held her topline throughout and really drives from behind. Showing no signs of wanting a quieter life.


Minor Puppy Bitch (1, 1)


Puppy Bitch (1)

1st: Mrs C Champion’s LANKCOMBE BETTE DAVIS – A lovely Tri with a happy nature. Pleasing head with nice expression and a good body and coat for her age with nice feathering. Moved very well with drive and level topline. Best Puppy in Show.


Junior Bitch (2)

1st: Mrs C Bowles-Robinson’s BALDRAGON BRING IT ON – Heavily marked tri with bone and type to die for. Plenty of cushioning with large dark eyes giving a pleasing head picture. Level topline and moved with drive. If only she would calm it down to show herself to her best advantage!

2nd: Mrs T Potter’s TOYSWOOD STARLIGHT EXPRESS – Tri with a lovely sweet head and expression with good cushioning. Nice level topline with good drive from behind. Winner won on more bone and maturity.


Yearling Bitch (4, 2)

1st: Mrs T Potter’s TOYSWOOD STARLIGHT EXPRESS – See previous class.

2nd: Mrs H Abbot’s COFTON REACH FOR THE STARS – Nice little tri who stood beautifully but just rather too excited on the move today! Level topline when calm enough to assess. Sweet head, well proportioned. Maturing well.


Graduate Bitch (4, 3)

1st: Mrs H Abbot’s COFTON REACH FOR THE STARS – See previous class.


Post Graduate Bitch (3)

1st: Mrs C Bowles-Robinson’s BALDRAGON HOLD THAT THOUGHT – A lovely cobby type with ‘oodles of look at me’! Straight front and neat feet. Well bodied with plenty of bone. Good spring of ribs. Nice handlimbs with good turn of stifle and well defined hocks. She holds herself well and moves with style, class and power. Sweet head to finish this quality bitch off. Best Bitch and Best in Show.

2nd: Mrs C Champion & Miss V Harvey’s LANKCOMBE CLARA BOW JW – Nice bitch with a neat head, compact cobby type. Holds herself well and has a level topline. Just lacked the drive of winner today.


Limit Bitch (1)

1st: Mr R & Mrs C Dix’s BEEWYE PENELOPE PITSTOP – Nice cobby type. A lovely neat head with low ear set creating a lovely expression. Good level topline which she holds well.


Open Bitch (1)

1st: Miss V Harvey’s RIVERMOOR LADY MARTHA – Blenheim with rich colouring and shown in good condition. Neat head, well balanced with body. Holds her topline well standing and on the move. Moves well front and back.


Special Open Black & Tan/Ruby Bitch (1)

1st: Miss V Cox’s PETITPAWS BLACK PEARL – Black & Tan in good coat today, plenty of bone and a nice cobby type. Neat head and moves well with a nice straight front.


Special Open Tricolour/Blenheim Bitch (1)

1st: Mrs C Bowles-Robinson’s BALDRAGON HOLD THAT THOUGHT – See Post Graduate class.


Emily Baker



Graduate (1)
1. Maddison’s DOWNSBANK NO STRINGS 11 mth. Blen. Dog. Lightly marked coat, well domed skull with dark eyes and pigment. Adequate neck, level topline. Needs more body and substance . Determined not to enjoy himself, so did not move to best effect

Open (1)
1.Maddison’s CELXO CHARLES DICKENS 6 yr ruby d. Broad head with adequate dome Good length of ear fringing. Dark eyes and satisfactory pigmentation. Good neck leading to well constructed body with level topline, good depth of chest, well defined bend of stifle. Moved energetically, if a little erratic. BOB.

Ron Stewart (Marchog)






My sincere thanks to the Committee for their kind invitation to judge at this lovely Christmas show. Thanks to the exhibitors for their entries and sporting acceptance of my decisions and also to my very able Stewards – Jan and Pedro who kept the ring in order. I had a lovely day thank you.






Sweet B/T male of just 6/12 and taking it all in his stride.  Small and compact with good bone.  Nicely domed head of appropriate proportions for age.  Cushioning developing nicely under the eyes.  Ears low set, carried flat to face with feathering coming. Large, round dark eyes, with lovely expression.  Cobby body with level top line.  Coat glossy black with lovely bright tan in all the right places and soft, silky texture. Moved very well.






3yrs Blenheim bitch of nice size and good breed type.  Nicely domed skull with soft cushioning, defined stop and turn up.  Large dark eyes with dark pigmentation.  Good body with deep chest well sprung ribs and beautiful level top line.  Moved well with good rear action.  Rich chestnut coat with pearly white markings and with sufficient feathering.


3yrs Tri malethe brother to 1.  Lovely head with good dome and large dark eye.  Slightly bigger all round, but well balanced and moved very well.





A third brother to the siblings in the last class and equally nice for breed type.  Well domed head and dark expressive eyes with black pigmentation.  Well-constructed and moved with plenty of drive, maintaining a level top line throughout.  Bigger all round than his sister but still very well balanced.


Tri male of 4.5yrs.  Nice shape and size.  Good head and eye.  Preferred the movement on 1.





Very feminine lightly marked Tri bitch of 4yrs.  Lovely domed head with ample soft cushioning, large dark expressive eyes and black pigmentation.  Rather naughty for her owner, but saw enough of her movement to see she can move very well, maintaining a level top line and looks really good in profile.  Nice for type and very well balanced.  Cobby in body and with the right amount of bone.  Very happy character with plenty of spirit.


Tri bitch of 3.5yrs.  Lovely breed type and size.  Has recently had a litter and not yet back into coat, but nothing to hide.  Pretty girl with nicely domed head.  Attractive markings.  Moved well maintaining a level top line throughout.