BOS & BPIS Leila Tarabad & Jon Whitman’s Baldragon Centre Stage With Khatibi

Judge: Andrew Stewart (Ingerdorm)

Best In Show – John Goodwin’s Ch Diggle Dandelion JW

John Goodwin’s BIS Ch Diggle Dandelion JW

Judge: Andrew Stewart (Ingerdorm)

Steve & Gill Smith’s RBD & RBIS Smith’s Justacharma Magic Goes On



Judge’s Critique


 11 September 2021

Thanks to the club for the invite, I considerate a great honour. A small entry but an enjoyable one to sort out. I think ‘compromise’ was the key word today. Thanks to the exhibitors for entering and to Dale Hick for his sterling job at stewarding.

Veteran Dog (4,1) 1. Hunter’s Maynorth Shades Of Heaven At Hooebarton. Nice class to start the day. All 3 could change places at any time. A lovely free moving Ruby of 8 years old. Quality head piece, round large dark eye, correct nose placement and big healthy open nostrils. Sound front and rear. He has lovely rounded ribs, level top line and correct tail set and carriage. Presented in lovely coat. A shame he didn’t stay for his BVIS award. 2. Bailey’s Aldoricka Smokey Robinson. This Black and Tan was in fabulous condition for his 9 years. Super domed skull, square muzzle and good finish to his chin. He has a cobby body with well sprung ribs. Moved well in front but just a little close behind today. Beautifully presented. 3. Maddison’s Penemma Raphael. Minor Puppy Dog (0).  Puppy Dog (1) 1. Bowles-Robinson’s Baldragon Shoot He Scores. 10 month old Tri boy. He certainly has great ring presence. He is sound as a pound on the move. He has a nice large dark eye, healthy open nostrils and square muzzle. His neck is of medium length and leads to very sound shoulders. Clean front with compact feet. His rear is firm with good muscle tone for age. He could be a touch more compact in body for ideal. Shown in good coat and condition. Junior dog (1,1). Yearling Dog (2) 1. Sidgwick’s Paulian Trick Or Treat. Two very different types here. 1st, very nice silhouette on this lightly marked Tri. Gorgeous domed skull, large dark eye providing a gentle expression. Excellent cobby body with well sprung ribs. Sound front and rear. Just needs to settle a little on the move. Shown in beautiful coat and condition. 2.  Maddison’s Justacharma Northern Magic. Another nicely presented Tri who has a lovely sweet temperament. Very nice head shape, low set ears which were well feathered. Nice straight front legs and good rear with well bent stifles. A little finer throughout than 1st, and moved a touch close behind today. Novice Dog (2, 1 transfer). 1.  Maddison’s Justacharma Northern Magic – repeat. Graduate Dog (4) 1. Hunter’s Kasamanda Hamilton Of Hooebarton . Such a well balanced Tri, super silhouette and a true Toy Spaniel. Unfortunately didn’t always make the most of himself in the ring but his quality breed type won him the class. Very nice to go over on the table, super bone and substance. Moved very true in both directions. Nicely presented. 2.  Rushton’s Tiflin We All Love Jack. Very happy and outgoing Tri. He has a lovely head piece, good domed skull and dark expressive eyes. He has a sound front and rear. Shown in full bloom. Just a little finer made throughout than 1st. 3.  Tonner’s Headra Trigger At Halbinsel. Post Graduate Dog (2,1) 1. Smith’s Mitapip Black Is Magic For Justacharma. This Black and Tan really impressed me for his fabulous breed type. Loved his head, well domed skull and full over the eyes. His muzzle is square and well turned up. His cheeks are full providing a lovely finish to his face. Very sound front and rear. Super steady mover. His coat was glossy and in perfect condition. Just wish he had more body, this cost him top honours today. Liked him a lot. Limit Dog (4,2) 1. Smith Justacharma Magic Goes On.  RBIS. Excellent outline on this nicely marked Tri. A solid and compact body shape, level top line, super well sprung ribs. Masculine head piece, quality domed skull, low set ears, big round eyes without bulging. His neck is strong leading to sound shoulders. His rear is firm with good muscle tone. Moved OK in both directions. Well handled and schooled. Shown in beautiful coat and condition. 2.  Tarabad & Whitman’s Cofton All I Have To do Is Dream With Khatibi. A finer made Tri compared to 1st. He is nicely marked throughout. Lovely head shape, eyes could be a smidgen darker for ideal. Big healthy open nostrils. He stands like a rock to go over on the table. Really lovely firm muscle tone on his rear. Moved well in rear just a little close in front coming towards. A little out of coat today, but what he had was in first class condition. Well handled and schooled. Open Dog (2+1 trans) 1.  Goodwin’s Ch Diggle Dandelion JW.  BIS.  Blenheim. What a showman! 100% focused on the job. Ultra sound on the move, so free and confident. His rear has lovely drive and so parallel. He was presented in immaculate condition, every hair accounted for. Large masculine skull, big round dark eyes, correct nose placement with big healthy open nostrils. Strong neck and top line. His chest is wide and he has big barrel ribs with deep brisket. Super friendly temperament and enjoying his time in the ring today. Well handled. 2. Bowles- Robinson’s Baldragon Shoots He Scores – repeat. 3. Tonner’s Headra’s Inspiration At Halbinsel. Special Open Black & Tan / Ruby Dog (2) 1.Smith Mitapip Black Is Magic For Justacharma – repeat. 2. Bailey’s Aldoricka Smokey Robinson – repeat .Special Open Blenheim/ Tricolour Dog (4,2) 1. Goodwin’s Ch Diggle Dandelion JW- repeat. 2.  Rushton’s Justacharma He Is So Magic At Tiflin. This lovely headed Blenheim was spot on for breed type. He has all the essentials and a true Toy Spaniel. Very nice to go over on the table, compact body shape with fabulous well sprung ribs. Unfortunately hard to assess his movement as he insisted on spinning the whole time. Shown in wonderful coat and condition.

Best Dog                Mr J Goodwin                       CH Diggle Dandelion JW

Res Best Dog        Mr S & Mrs G Smith            Justacharma Magic Goes On

Best Dog puppy   Mrs C Bowles- Robinson    Baldragon Shoots He Scores

Veteran Bitch (0). Minor Puppy Bitch (1). 1  Tarabad & Whitman’s Baldragon Centre Stage With Khatibi – BOS & BPIS. I’m in love! Absolutely smitten with this 6 month old baby at her first show. Beautifully marked Tri. Super domed skull, low set ears, dark keen eyes providing the prettiest of expressions. She has a spirit level top line, well sprung ribs with deep and wide chest. She is cobby in body and has a good tail set and carriage. She moves so confidently and with style. Fabulous outgoing happy temperament. Presented in first class condition. Well handled.  Puppy Bitch (0) . Junior Bitch (1) 1.  Hayward & Walker’s Baldragon Little Mistress. This sweet Tri had a very pretty head. Her ears could be a touch lower set for ideal. She is soundly made throughout. Nicely marked coat. Moved well in both directions. Well presented. Yearling Bitch (1) 1   Smith’s   Justacharma Magic For Us. I loved the head on this Tri, perfect domed skull with low set ears. Textbook eyes, large, dark and round. She is so sweet and feminine. She is in good body condition, she is compact and sturdy. Needs a little more enthusiasm on the move and unfortunately left her party frock at home today. Novice Bitch (3) 1.  Tarabad &  Whitman’s Baldragon Centre Stage With Khatibi. 2.Mr Smit’s Justacharma Magic For Us – repeat. 3. Bailey’s Toyswood Rising Star At Aldoricka. Graduate Bitch (2,1) 1.s D Bailey’s                 Toyswood Rising Star At Aldoricka. Nicely marked Blen. Quality head shape, good dome skull. She has super big healthy open nostrils. Level cobby back. Well sprung ribs. Nicely presented coat. Just needs to settle a little on the move. Post Graduate Bitch (1). 1.  Hinson’s Kerizma Krocus. This Ruby is compact, sturdy and well bodied. Her head is ok, ears perhaps a touch high set. Good square muzzle with good finish. She has a solid neck and top line. She moved soundly in both directions. She was shown in full bloom. Limit Bitch (2,1) K Krocus. Open Bitch (3,2) K Krocus. Special Open Black & Tan/ Ruby Bitch (1) K Krocus.

Special Open Blenheim / Tricolour Bitch (1) 1.  Rushton’s Justacharma She Is So Magic At Tiflin. This Blen was an ideal size and shape. Excellent outline. Very nice head, pretty expression. She has a super cobby and compact body shape. Straight front with ample bone. Well sprung ribs. Her rear is firm. Shown in lovely condition. Her movement was just a touch untidy coming towards today. Brace Dogs or Bitches of Same Colour (2) 1 Tonner’s Tricolours – both Tonner and Smith’s exhibits were very typey together. The 4 dogs looked lovely. Hard to separate them. Tonner’s exhibits won the class on his exhibits being very similar marked. 2.Smith’s Tricolours.

Best Bitch              Tarabad & Whitman’s Baldragon Centre Stage With Khatibi

Res Best Bitch      Rushton’s  Justacharma She Is So Magic At Tiflin

Best Puppy Bitch Tarabad & Whitman’s Baldragon Centre Stage With Khatibi