Thank you so much for inviting me to judge. It was an honour. I had a wonderful day and I       thoroughly enjoyed myself. Thanks to the Officers and Committee for a well  organized show and also a special thank you to all the exhibitors for a  antastic entry.

I had the pleasure of going  over some excellent dogs. I really really liked my main winners! Overall I   felt the bitches were of higher quality than the dogs. In to many dogs I missed the proper spring of rib, and movement could improve. Nearly all       the dogs had wonderful temperaments.

Best In Show – Tudorhurst   Diamond

Reserve Best In Show –    Maibee Lynette

Best Puppy In Show –  Tucherish High Treason (NAF)

Veteran Dog

1. Matches Tucherish  Florison of Fochai

Seven year old tri. Short  back. Good bone and substance. Moved freely and soundly. Nice temperament.

2. Sidgwick’s Paulian Jerome  SH.CM.

Another seven year old tri.  Pleasing head and expression. Dark eyes. Lovely coat in good condition. Did not move quite as well as 1.

3. Gillesphy’s Lorphil Red  Marauder

Veteran Bitch

1. Gillesphy’s Lorphil  Copper Dream

Lovely ruby bitch, nearly 11 years old. Wonderful head & expression. Lovely dark eyes. Short well       balanced body. Excellent spring of rib. Beautiful coat. Moved acceptable for age. BEST VETERAN

2. Sidgwick’s Paulian  Patience J.W. SH.CM.

Seven year old tri bitch. Pleasing head & expression. Lovely temperament. Moved well.

3. Johnson’s Alambra Isa Bella

Minor Puppy Dog

1. Coupland’s Tucherish High  Treason (NAF)

Well made, promising tri  baby. Pleasing head. Excellent proportions. Good reach of neck and well       laid back shoulders. Moved excellent with an excellent top line. Sweet  temperament.

2. Smith’s Headra’s Truly  Magic is Justacharma

Another nice tri. Pleasing  head and expression. Good top line. Nice coat. Moved very well around the  ring.

3. Matches Baldragon  Striding Edge

Puppy Dog

1. Smith’s Headra’s Truly   Magic is Justacharma

2. Thorn & Keane’s Danya’s   Smokie Joe

B/T with a nice head and a   pleasing expression. Well constructed. Good bone. Nice coat. Stood very  well on the table, but needs more training when it comes to showing his  movement.

3. Mochrie’s Downsbank   Nocturne

Junior Dog

1. Pennington’s Tudorhurst   Diamond

Tri boy with a wonderful  head. Nice dome, well cushioned muzzle, dark eyes and a lovely expression.  Well balanced body with a very good spring of rib. Moved excellent with a  level top line. Excellent bone and substance. Beautiful coat. Showed well.

2. Moffat & Robin’s Maibee  Laurie

Tri boy of excellent size.  Pleasing head and expression. Well balanced body. Short back. Good reach  of neck and level top line. Moved well.

3. Askins & Kendall’s  Headra’s Wedgwood

Yearling Dog

1. Askins & Kendall’s Headra’s Wedgwood

Heavily marked tri with a  pleasing head. Pleasing expression. Dark eyes. Good bone. Nice coat. Moved and showed very well.

2. Clarke’s Stonepit Brave Bertie at Poltomic

Another tri. Well balanced  body and correct type. Nicely domed head. Nice outline. Coat of good       quality. Did not move as well as 1.

Novice Dog

1. Gillesphy’s Maibee Mr  Mistoffilees

Well marked tri with a  lovely head and expression. Pleasing outline. Sufficient body for age.  Still very much a baby who needs to gain a bit more confidence, but once  that is done he should have a bright future.

2. Clarke’s Stonepit Brave  Bertie at Poltomic

3. Thorn & Keane’s Corrinwood Chameleon

Graduate Dog

1. Sidgwick’s Paulian Patented

Well balanced tri of good size. Good type and nice outline. Short back. Still needs to develop in       body.

2. Dawson’s Pomelo Triple  Chance

Well marked tri. Good bone.  Would have liked more dome. Good spring of rib. Moved well. Happy    temperament.

3. Naylor’s Maenan Mr  Moonlight

Post Graduate Dog

1. Moffat & Robin’s Maibee  Mr Kipling

Well balanced, nicely marked  tri. Lovely head and expression. Correct eye, nose and ear placement.  Excellent proportions. Short level back. Good reach of neck. Moved very well.

2. Rushton’s Nisyros Donnie Darko

B/T with a well shaped head  and a lovely expression. Correct body proportions. Nice top line. Good  bone. Moved OK but could have put a bit more enthusiasm into his showing.

3. Maddison’s Mitapip  Midnight Marauder

Limit Dog

1. Pennington’s Chateau  Tudorhurst De La Montagne Ensoleillee (Fra.imp)

Very outgoing, well made  tri. Large masculine head. Excellent body and spring of rib. Good top line   and reach of neck. Moved very well. Would have preferred him slightly  smaller. Lovely temperament.

2. Thorn & Keane’s  Silverholme Basil

B/T with correct proportions. Nice head and expression. Dark eyes. Short back.  Good spring  of rib.

3. Singleton’s Silverholme   Byron Celxo

Open Dog

1. Rushton’s Tiflin Tudor  Royal

Well balanced tri. Pleasing head and expression. Well shaped rid cage. Lovely coat. Moved very well.

2. Maddison’s Alambra Rich  Ruby

Ruby with good proportions.  Pleasing head. Coat of lovely rich colour. Good bone. Moved well.

Special Open (B/T or Ruby)  Dog

1. Thorn & Keane’s  Silverholme Basil

2. Matches Tucherish The  Black Knight at Fochai

B/T with a masculine head.   Nice cobby body. Good bone. Needs to make more of himself when moving.

Special Open (Blen or Tri)   Dog

1. Dawson’s Pomelo Triple   Chance

2. Thorn & Keane’s  Corrinwood Chameleon

Blenheim of nice shape.       Lovely colour and markings. Pleasing head. Would like to see more spring  of rib and more substance.

3. Morris Palandro Winter   Robin at Raytrix

Minor Puppy Bitch

1. Moffat & Robin’s  Maibee   Jessica (NAF)

Lovely blenheim puppy.  Wonderful head with all details in the right places giving an adorable       expression. Beautiful colour. Excellent spring of rib. Very good  proportions. Moves very well.

Puppy Bitch

1. Gillesphy’s Downsbank   Designed For Lorphil

Very outgoing Blenheim girl!  Pleasing general appearance. Pleasing head and expression. Beautiful  colour. Good bone and excellent top line. Sufficient spring of rib. Moved  well.

2. Greenwell’s Cavella  Cupcake For Patzpetz

B/T of nice type. Feminine head with sweet expression. Correct colour and coat. Good bone. Moved OK.

3. Thorn & Keane’s  Danyas  Rosedale Abbey

Junior Bitch

1. Askins & Kendall’s  Headra’s Caverswall

Blenheim bitch of excellent   type. Pleasing head and expression. Good spring of rib. Good bone.       Beautiful rich colour. Correct coat. Moved very well and showed herself   very happily! Lovely temperament.

2. Sidgwick’s Paulian  Amazing Grace

Well balanced tri bitch.  Good size and correct proportions. Good quality coat. Moved well. Prefer       the body and substance of 1.

3. Pennington’s Tudorhurst   Teardrop

Yearling Bitch

1. Askins & Kendall’s   Headra’s Caverswall

2. Sidgwick’s Paulian  Amazing Grace

3. Pennington’s Tudorhurst  Topsy Turvy

Novice Bitch

1. Wadsworth’s Justacharma    Magic of Kathy

Blenheim bitch of five  years. Correct size and proportions. Pretty head. Good spring of rib.  Level top line. Coat a bit unruly, but underneath it there is a very nice  type of Charlie. Lovely temperament.

2. Crossley’s Amantra Summer  Chorus

Blenheim bitch of 14 months.  Pleasing head. Nice out line but could be slightly shorter in back. Moved  and showed well.

3. Mallows Binglui Miss Ellie

Graduate Bitch

1. Gillhespy’s Lorphil Red Ribbons

Ruby bitch of correct type and size. Beautiful colour and coat. Pleasing head. Correct proportions.       Happy and outgoing. Sufficient spring of rib. Moved very well.

Post Graduate Bitch

1. Moffat & Robin’s  Maibee  Sarah Lee

Lightly marked blenheim  bitch with a correct head and a very pleasing expression. Well bodied with  an excellent spring of rib. Excellent movement. Wonderful reach of neck  and top line. Lovely temperament.

2. Askins & Kendall’s  Headra’s  Miss Cadbury

Well bodied B/T bitch.  Beautiful colour and coat. Correct eye, ear and nose placement. Happy       temperament. Moved well.

3. Gillhespy’s Lorphil Black Beauty

Limit Bitch

1. Coupland’s Tucherish  Clemency

Tri bitch of excellent type.  Lovely well domed head, well cushioned muzzle, dark eyes and pleasing  expression. Good spring of rib. Lovely coat. Correct proportions and top line. Moved well but she did not seem entirely happy in the ring today.

2. Willey’s Penemma Sweet  Dream

Well marked blenheim bitch.  Good body and bone. Moved OK. Sweet temperament.

3. Johnson’s Alambra Rubies  N Emeralds

Open Bitch

1. Coupland’s Tucherish  Sarsaparilla

Lovely six year old blenheim   bitch. Excellent type. Correct head and expression. Dark eye. Good top  line. Sweet temperament. Moved well but she would move even better if she  lost a bit of weight.

2. Bailey’s Maibee Margot at Aldoricka

Another blenheim bitch of  good type. Good spring of rib and bone. Moved well and showed happily. Sweet temperament. Preferred the head on 1.

Special Open (B/T or Ruby) Bitch

1. Moffat & Robin’s  Maibee   Lynette

Lovely B/T of excellent  type. Well domed head with correct eye, ear and nose placement. Excellent body proportions and very good spring of rib. Excellent, very efficient  movement. Lovely reach of neck and level top line. Wonderful happy  temperament.

2. Mallows Binglui Ruby  Junella

Ruby with a pleasing head and expression. Correct colour and coat. Good bone. Well bodied. Nice temperament. Could move a bit more efficient.

3. Smith’s Maplehurst Blue Magic is Justacharma

Special Open (Blen or Tri)  Bitch

1. Smith’s Justacharma  Something Magic JW

Well bodied Blenheim bitch.  Correct head and expression. Good proportions. Very good spring of rib.Moved well. Sweet temperament.

2. Bailey’s Maibee Margot at  Aldoricka

Brace Dog/Bitch

1. Thorn & Keane’s Danyas  Smokie Joe/Danyas Midnight Sparkle

Well matched pair of black  and tans. Moved together very well.

Lotta Bergström