16TH APRIL 2022

Judge George Farmer (Sangria)

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge at this extremely well organised show. The atmosphere was extremely friendly, and I was made to feel very welcome by everyone present. Thank you to my able steward Mike Rowley for his professional manner and organised skills. Lastly thank you to the exhibitors, for allowing me the pleasure of judging their dogs. I have been judging this breed for many years now and my impression of this breed, which I love, is that there have been many improvements, noticeably in soundness across the board, but very much so in show temperament.

Veteran Dog. (3)entered (1) absent.

(1) Baileys Aldoricka Smokey Robinson 10yrs

Blk. Tan. Well presented in good coat, really lovely skull and head qualities, he still has that desirable soft expression with dark eyes. He has kept his colour well for age good on front well angulated in the rear, allowing him strong movement in the rear, a credit to his owner. Following on it was my pleasure to award him Best Veteran male and followed by Best Veteran in show.

(2) Hunters. Maynorth Shades Of Heaven at Hooebarton 9yrs. Ruby in colour, good coat, pleasing head good neck and shoulder placement nice body and outline, good front well angulated in the rear moved soundly.


(1) Mr& Mrs. Smiths Cavella Comrade for Justacharma Tri Colour  he really is a charmer I loved his head qualities good neck and expression didn’t carry himself as well as he could today and made him look slightly longer in back, good front ,he was not enthusiastic today he needs time to make the most of himself.

(2) Abbotts Helmajon Rhapsody In Blue. Tri Colour with a very pleasing head and clear expression good shape in profile well laid shoulders good front well angulated in rear needs to tighten in rear only a baby in good coat for age and good condition

Puppy Dog. (2) entered.

(1) Mochrie’s Downsbank Indian Ink. BLK./Tan. Super head with a soft expression beautifully balanced in body good coat, rich in colour and shown in lovely condition good straight front well angulated in the rear moved well. He was my pick to award him Best Puppy Dog.

(2) Abbott’s Helmajon Sibelius Blenheim Litter brother to the second in the previous class, minor puppy. Clear in colour. Longer cast than winner.  Moved well.

Junior Dog. (1)

  • Bowles – Robinson CH.Baldragon Shoots He Scores. Tri/Colour A lovely boy large head broad skull and a lovely wide eyed expression, good front nicely balanced throughout good finish of coat showed and moved well.

Yearling Dog (0) entries

Novice Dog.(0) entries.

Graduate Dog(4)entered (2) Absent

(1) Singletons, Indigo For Russich Giest at Nevskogo Hobbita Celxo(RUS IMP.) Blk/Tan. Nice in type overall, large head good eye expression rich tan, and good black well marked overall. good front well angulated in his rear put down in lovely condition moved and showed well.

(2) HUNTERS HOOBARTON SHADES OF JOY. BLK./TAN Another nice specimen, offering a lot of good qualities well marked throughout good colour, I think it is fare to say single minded he moved well although not steady.

Post Graduate Dog. (5) entered

  • Stewarts . Monleon Made by Magic for Marchog Blenheim, lovely head qualities on this boy large expressive melting eyes, clear in colour coat of good texture a good front well angulated in the rear, this boy is well schooled for the show ring, he moved soundly and enthusiastically.
  • Tonner’s Headra Tigger At Halbinsel. Tri. Col. well marked throughout, he carries a good head with pleasing expression, he moved well, but I felt needs more substance.

  Limit Dog. (5) entered (2) absent

(1) Smith’s Justacharma Magic Goes On. Tri Colour. The best of heads on this boy, with a classic soft expression, balanced in outline good front well angulated in rear showed well put down in top condition.

  • Singleton’s Marchog Mac Tartan Celxo.

BLK./TAN. I really liked the head on this boy large with correct markings, soft expression, he lost out today on outline. I found him a tad longer in body which took away his overall balance coat was amazing presented really well as all were, I noted from this Kennel.

  • Harvey’s Rivermoor Alberto.

Open Dog (6) entered (1) absent.

(1) Mochrie’s Downsbank Jeffrey Tri Colour, I love this boys type large head broad skull, with a fabulous expression, elegant in neck, good lay into shoulder, good front and cobby  in shape just as I like them. Well angulated in rear creating a super outline all put together to create fabulous movement nice finish of coat shown in good condition. It was my pleasure to award him Best Dog and later Best In Show. I believe this was his first ticket, but I am sure it won’t be his last.

(2) Clarke’s Poltomic Black Magic. Blk./Tan.  Another lovely boy very pleasing in head, broad skull and soft expression. Good in front, well balanced overall nice finish of coat moved well. I was pleased to award him a    Reserve CC.

(3)Tonners, Headra’s Inspiration At Halbinsel

Special Open Black & Tan/Ruby Dog. (2) entered.

  • Smith’s Mitapip Black Is Magic For Justacharma.

This 3 year old carries a lovely head with correct expression. He is balanced throughout in body, super rich quality colour and condition in coat moved well.

  • Bailey’s Aldoricka Smokey Robinson . (SEEN)

Special Open Blenheim/TriColour Dog.

  • Tarabad’s  Cofton All I Have To Do Is Dream with Khatibi. Tricolour of nice type good in head nice neck good lay in shoulder, straight front, balanced in outline showed well.
  • Goodwin’s Ch. Diggle Dandelion JW Blenheim, I can see how this boy would appeal to judges who gave him his title, he brings a lot to the table, and I can appreciate him, however for me he is larger than the type I favour, I like compact with substance.

Veteran Bitch.(4) entered.

  • Hardiman’s Tovarich Teanna   BLK. /TAN. Feminine just turned 7 years, she has a very sweet head and expression good reach of neck and good lay of shoulder overall balance good, she moved and showed well.
  • Willey & Siddle’s Ch. Penemma Misty For ME JW  Blen. Another nice girl,9 years of age and looking good. large head and a lovely expression. put together well with good front well angulated in the rear good coat of correct texture moved and showed well in lovely condition.
  • Cross’s Headra’s Pennywise at Alambra.

Minor Puppy Bitch (4) entered (1) absent.

  • Abbott’s Helmajon Clara’s Romance Blenheim as would be expected at this age she is looking raw never the less, she carries certain qualities her main attribute is her temperament she thoroughly enjoyed her day out, which goes a long way in the show ring. She was my best puppy bitch.

(2) Smith’s Rivermoor Lady Matilda Blenheim. Another sweet girl who needs time and patience to see her develop, she is longer in back than the winner, but at this young age they change so time will tell .

(3) Greenfields Cavella Cherish.

Puppy Bitch (4) entered  (1 ) absent .

  • Greenfields Helen Rainbow Geozephina Star.  Tri Colour.  Pretty head with a broad skull. Correctly marked.  Very well put together, although at this time a little raw as only a baby.
  • Abbotts Helmajon Smyth’s Cadenza.  Tri Colour.  Another carrying similar qualities to winner.
  • Tarabad & Whitman’s Baldragon Russian Around with Khatibi.

Junior  Bitch.(1) entered

  • Greenfield’s Helen Rainbow Geozephina Star. (seen)

Yearling Bitch. (1) entered

  • Tarabad and Whitman’s Baldragon Centre Stage with Khatibi. Tricolour, very much to my liking, she is feminine square in body with substance. Her head is really lovely with a soft sweet  expression and she is of an outgoing nature which all are, from her breeders kennel. she filled my eye both standing and on the move. one I would take home. It was my pleasure to award her the CC.BOS. & RES BIS. I later learned it was her second.  am sure that it wont be long until she gains her crown she is in my opinion so worthy.

Novice Bitch (4) entered

  • Singleton’s Waldor Flick And Swish. ““ruby this girl is very much to my type lovely head qualities, melting expression, she is totally balanced in outline good in front and strong in really allowing good free movement all embellished by a good well presented coat.
  • Tarabad’ & Whitman’s Baldragon Russian Around with Kahtibi this girl carries a lot of good qualities a. strong head well put together in body she was seen in a previous class and I found her larger and longer than I favour however she is very sound in movement and was happy to place her higher in this class.
  • Macfarlanes Gracie Meradeco King RAF (IMP)

Graduate Bitch. (3) entered.

  • Rix’s Baldragon Fame Game At Ricksbury Tri Colour 13mths old she has a classic head with super expression soft and rounded from all angles. balanced in body she moved very soundly and filled my eye overall  she is still young but challenged strongly for the Res. CC on the day .one that I will watch for the future.
  • Hayward & Walker’s Baldragon Little Mistress. Tricolour. again another good specimen bred out of the same kennel as winner very pleasing head and expression great outline and conformation very strong and sound in movement presented and shown well.

Post Graduate Bitch.(3) entered (1) absent.

 (1) Smith’s Justacharma Magic For Us. Tri. This kennel is consistent in type super heads and this girl is no exception sweet soft but large in comparison to the overall look, she is quare un profile with a good front and well angulated in the rear allowing strong drive and movement.

(2) Abbott’s Cofton Reach For The Stars. Tricolour. Very pretty in head and feminine straight front good outline

Strong in rear moved and showed well.

Limit Bitch  (4) entered (1) absent

  • Clark’s Mitapip Sweet Rosey For Poltomic. Ruby. This girl is very feminine and the sweetest head and expression. Lovely neck and lay into shoulder. A good body shape and fabulous coat of good colour.  Constructed well.  Moved Soundly.
  • Stewart’s Poltomic Peppermint Patty With Marchog.  This bitch is a daughter of the winner.  She carries very similar qualities.  Very elegant in shape.  Good neck.  Sweet head. The coat had not got the finish of the mother.  Very good on the move.
  • Singletons Celxo Theodora.

Open Bitch (5) entered (1) absent

  • Hardiman’s Tovarich Toyah. Tri Colour. This bitch carries many qualities.  She has a lovely head. Correctly marked throughout. Beautifully put together.  Good front. Well angulated in the rear. Her biggest attribute was her movement.  She was so very sound.
  • Potter’s Toyswood Starlight Express.   Tri Colour.  Love the head of this bitch.   Lovely in expression. Soft and melting through the eyes. She was beautiful on balance of outline. Possible not in her best coat. But good enough finish, in lovely condition.  These three could have changed places anytime.
  • Bowles – Robinsons Chacombe Marana Baldragon

Special Open Bitch Black and Tan/Ruby (2) entered (0) absent

  • Stewarts Marchog Minta Buckle. Black and Tan. Of rich colour. Classic head with sweet expression.  Good mouth.  Pleasing outline. Moved well in the front. Needs to tighten in the rear. Reserve  CC
  • McFarlans Gracie Maradeco King. (Imp) Black and Tan.  I really liked the head of this bitch.  Very elegant in neck.  Good lay into shoulder. Correctly marked.  Very rich in colour of coat.  Unfortunately, not putting all in today.

Special Open Blenheim/Tri colour bitch (0) entered

Brace. (Dogs or Bitches) (1) entered (0) absent Tonner’s Headra’s Inspiration at Halbinsel and Headra’s Tigger at Halbinsel. Lovely pair of tri colours. Very complimentary in type and size.  Making a lovely brace

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